你是一个寻求degree的转校生吗? (注册入学)

你是一名攻读degree的转学申请人 if you have ever enrolled in one or more colleges and/or post-secondary colleges since graduating high school, and you wish to be a degree seeking student at NCC.


我不是一个攻读degree的学生. 让我再选一次.


  • 高中成绩单: submitted by your High School Guidance Office via email to 入学s@thegoldenpineappleblog.com或 通过导航系统.*
  • 国外教育文件: send a scanned or digital photo of your education documents/transcripts to 招生 Documents may need to be evaluated by a third-party evaluator.
    • Original academic foreign documents are welcome to be submitted for review along with 您的应用程序. In order to receive college-level credit equivalency for completed courses at your home college or university, you will need to meet the following criteria:

      1. Show proof the home college or university holds equivalent regional accreditation 在美国.
      2. A course-by-course evaluation from a third party credit evaluation service
      3. Third party evaluation company must be either a current member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES), the Association of International Credentials Evaluators (AICE), the American Association of Collegiate 注册商s and 招生 Officers (AACRAO), the American Translators Association (ATA), or the National Association 外国顾问协会(NAFSA).
      4. The course must be equivalent to a current course offering located in the Nassau Community 学院学术目录.
      5. The course must have the equivalent number of credit/credit hours as the equivalent 赌博平台课程.
      6. C或更高的成绩
      请 submit your original academic documents to the Office of 招生 for review. 赌博平台 may request a third party evaluation for foreign academic documents for further review and consideration for acceptance into the college
    • 大学成绩单(年代): have your previous college(s) submit your academic transcript(s) electronically to 入学
  • 主要: include your first-choice major by referring to the major codes listed in the 程序需求图.

*If you have earned a Bachelor's or Associates Degree, you do not need to submit your official high transcript unless you are planning to enroll in Nursing or an Allied 健康科学. 



Did you review the 程序 requirement chart to see if you will meet the requirements 为您选择的学习计划? Did you choose an appropriate second choice 程序?

Most transfer students with a recognized high school diploma will be accepted for 入学. Your provided college transcripts will be evaluated, and credit(s) that you earned at another college/university may be applied towards your NCC degree.

Many 程序s have requirements which must 得到满足 before 入学 can be granted.
程序需求图.  Applicants that are ineligible for a selected 程序 will be admitted to an alternate 程序.  学生 may change their major for a future semester after their first 在NCC的学期.

复选标记完成申请 并缴交不可退还的申请费

提交申请费 of $55, by check or money order, and send to:


复选标记 满足申请完成期限.

秋季学期: 8月14日
春季学期: 1月4日

The Allied 健康科学s 程序s and Nursing have specific deadlines that must 得到满足.  The deadlines are listed below, and all required documentation must be submitted to the Office of 招生 by the indicated date. 请参阅 课程和入学要求表 for more information pertaining to the required documentation

  1. 医学化验技术员: 2024年3月6日
  2. 护理: 2023年10月5日 (春季入学), 2024年3月7日 (秋季入学) 
  3. 物理治疗师助理: 2024年3月6日
  4. 放射治疗技术: 2024年1月30日
  5. 放射技术: 2024年1月30日
  6. 呼吸道护理: 2024年3月6日
  7. 外科手术技术: 2024年3月6日

If a deadline falls on a weekend, applications and all supporting credentials are 截止到下周一.

注意: check the college website for deadline information for summer and winter sessions.

Submit required documents as soon as possible.

All transfer applicants will be required to submit official and sealed transcripts 来自他们上过的每一所大学. 转移 students will be required to submit their official and sealed high school transcripts, unless they have a Bachelors or Associates degree.

You will also be notified by mail and your personal email account of the academic records and other information we need to complete 您的应用程序. 这是你的责任 提供所需材料. 越快越好! 您也可以查看 您的申请状态转到 MyNCC. You will need your NCC Student ID which will be mailed to you. 您的密码是 你的出生日期(星期).

请 note, 赌博平台 reserves the right to request an applicant complete a third party evaluation for academic documents from outside of the Unites States. The evaluation company must be members of AACRAO, NAFSA, NACES, AICE, ATA and Better 商务局.

复选标记 Schedule an appointment for the college’s placement test.

If you need to take one or more sections of the college’s Placement test, the 招生 Office will notify you through your personal email. 了解更多关于这些考试的信息.

复选标记 免疫接种记录:

If you were born on or after 1/1/1957, and are registering for six or more credits, New York State requires you to submit proof of immunization for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) in order to secure your registration for classes. 你还必须提交 要求的纽约脑膜炎调查. 去 卫生服务 了解更多.

复选标记 支付大学学费!

All students are strongly encouraged to file for Federal Student Aid at (NCC school code is 002873) and NY State Aid at (NCC学校代码是2113).